Board of Limited Jurisdiction

The board of limited jurisdiction was established in 2014 to support and promote our school’s mission, leadership team, goals and policy positions and demonstrate that support within the community. Board members bring varying expertise, knowledge, and skills as they create policy in the areas of finance, enrollment, development, board membership, facilities, and other committees deemed necessary.

Current Board Members

Pastor Representative – Msgr. Ronald Bocian
Chair – Mr. Thad Madden
Vice Chair – Mr. Edward Kolonsky

Chair Facilities Committee – Mr. Thomas McAndrew
Chair Development Committee – Mr. Jim Dixon
Chair Finance Committee – Mr. Jack Hurst
Chair Advancement Committee – Ms. Karen Domalakes

Mrs. Erin Blozusky
Mr. Bobby Burns
Mr. William Delinsky
Mr. Jim Dixon
Fr. Robert Finlan
Atty. John Miravich
Mr. Jeffrey Puglia
Ms. LeeAnn Smulligan
Mr. Tim Sullivan

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