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Scrip Gift Card Program

The Scrip gift card program is a powerful fundraising tool because families generate revenue for our school as well as tuition credits through their everyday purchases. Whether you like crafting, eating out, repairing your home, or just shopping, there is a Scrip gift card to meet your needs.

Every gift card  purchased through Trinity Academy earns cash for our school and earns tuition credits for you! It’s that simple, Scrip is one of easiest fundraisers! When you purchase Scrip, you’re purchasing gift certificates and cards that are used just like cash. You can use Scrip gift cards to purchase everyday expenses like groceries, clothing, restaurant dining, hotels, toys, prescriptions, gifts, gasoline, and other essentials. Also, with every purchase, you earn revenue for both Trinity Academy and YOU! Families do not need to sell anything.

How to order:

Once you have registered with Scrip, orders can be placed online at, or on mobile at Scrip cards come in the form of a physical card or of an eCard. An eCard is printed on a sheet of paper and can be used at participating stores or online. Although it’s solely a sheet of paper, it is worth the purchase value.

Physical gift cards can be purchased online or through the school office. Orders can be placed throughout the school year. Orders must be placed by the first Wednesday of the month. The cards will be available in the office by Thursday of the following week. Cards can also be sent home with your child. Cards can be ordered until June 1st, but eCards can be ordered during the summer using Presto-Pay.

Presto-Pay is a form of payment in which you link your bank account with your scrip account for an automatic payment. After submitting your information using a checking account, two small amounts will be deposited that will have to be entered to continue setting up your account (it may take a day to receive the amounts). When the process is finished, you will receive a special pin number that you will need to send to our Scrips coordinator to activate your account. When using Presto-Pay with an eCard or reloadable card, you will pay a 15 cent convenience fee, but will receive the full percentage for that order.

Contact our Scrip coordinator, Sherri Johnson, at (570) 751-6287 or to get started with Scrip today!

Enrollment code: 7F9A843622433


Redner’s Warehouse Markets & Boyer’s Food Markets Gift Cards

Purchasing Redner’s and Boyer’s gift cards not only helps you earn money for our school, but you also receive 4% of what you purchase in tuition credit. Complete the gift card order form and return it, along with payment, to the main office by Thursday. Gift cards will be available for pickup by the following Friday morning.

Ask your family and friends to purchase gift cards to support you and Trinity Academy. Redner’s gift cards can be used at the pharmacy and to purchase gas.

From the period of June 2013 to May 2014, one family in Trinity Academy earned $834.30 in tuition credit by purchasing the gift cards through the school and using those gift cards instead of cash to purchase their groceries! Amazing!

For more information, contact the main office at (570) 462-3927.

Boyer’s and Redner’s Order Form

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