Volunteering your time allows each family to contribute to the successful operation of our school and its many programs. Trinity is a family.  Sometimes, families need help.  Volunteering with different events is where we get to know one another.  It is the place where friends are made.  In the big picture of things, it makes a stronger better community. You, the parent, set a wonderful example for our students about donating one’s time. We appreciate everyone’s contribution.

We encourage all parents and/or guardians to get involved and help your children learn the importance of volunteering in a community. Many of you have given generously of your time to support the numerous fundraising events in the past.  

How will I know about opportunities to complete hours?

Opportunities will be posted through the weekly school communications, on the Trinity Academy Facebook page, in fundraising emails, and posted on this website.

It is important to note that our fundraising goal for 2020- 2021 is $50,000; therefore your support is critical and essential.

Safe Environment Clearances and Training Certificates

Parents and volunteers who want to participate with their children during field trips and school activities are required to have completed all items listed on the Safe Environment Checklist. Please plan well in advance of the date that you wish to participate.

Safe Environmet Checklist

Available PGC Workshops may be found under “Events” listed at  Diocese of Allentown, Youth Protection.

Children under 18 may not attend a PGC Workshop. Attendees must register in advance, and must be present for the entire duration of the workshop. Plan to arrive a few minutes before the scheduled start time.


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