Uniform and Dress Code (2020-2021)

The Trinity Academy uniform is symbolic of Trinity Academy Catholic School and should be worn with pride and dignity. Students are required to wear the complete uniform every day, and a written excuse should accompany any variation.

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Shoes & Socks (Boys & Girls)
Summer Uniforms
Gym Uniform (Boys & Girls)
Hair, Jewelry, Grooming
Dress Down Days
Flynn O’Hara Uniforms
Dress Code Response Form


Tan pants, black or brown belt, navy blue golf shirt.

“DRESS UNIFORM” White shirt, blue tie, tan slacks and shoes


Pre-K    Grey gym shirt, navy sweat pants (long and short), sweat shirt, navy skort
K-3        Plaid jumper, navy golf shirt or White peter pan blouse, tan slacks or tan shorts
4-8        Plaid skirt, navy blue golf shirt, tan slacks or tans shorts
Socks   White ankle socks or navy blue knee socks, leotards in cold weather

“DRESS UNIFORM”   Jumper, skirt, golf shirt or white blouse.  NO tan slacks or shorts

Shoes & Socks (Boys & Girls)

Sturdy shoes.  These may be athletic shoes but only if they have NO stripes, swishes or any marks of a different color. Soles also have to be dark.

Socks. Plain white or black crew socks or navy blue knee socks. Leotards in cold weather.

 No below the shoe socks. No colored socks

Summer Uniforms

Boys:  Tan shorts, navy golf shirts and shoes

Girls:  Jumper (K-3), skirt (4-8) or tan shorts, navy golf shirts and shoes

Gym Uniform (Boys & Girls)

Trinity Academy grey tee shirt or navy Spirit wear tee shirt
Navy blue shorts to the knee (warm weather) No stripes or logos
Navy blue long pants (winter)
White or black crew socks NO LOW CUT Socks 

ALL SHORTS must not be shorter than 2” above the knee.

Hair, Jewelry, Grooming

Students’ hair must be neat and clean, and groomed conservatively. Hair is not to cover the eyes. Boy’s hair length is to be above the collar. Natural hair color is to be worn – dying, bleaching or highlighting of hair is not permitted. No extreme styles are permitted. Students are expected to come to school in a state of cleanliness.

Students may not wear excessive jewelry. Girls may only wear one small post earring in each ear. No makeup is permitted. Clear nail polish only. Boys are not permitted to wear earrings.

Personal appearance that constitutes a distraction is not permitted. Final approval/disapproval is at the discretion of the Principal.

Hair accessories for girls should be simple, colors to match uniform. Hair accessories (flowers, bows, barrettes, etc.) may be 1 inch or smaller.

Dress Down Day

When a Dress Down Day occurs, casual clothing may be worn.  All clothing must be modest.  T-shirts may not contain references to drugs, alcohol, tobacco or immoral activity.  For safety reasons, sandals and flip flops may not be worn.

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